Partnership between WDMA & AMS

AMS’s partnership with the WDMA provides cost effective and efficient day to day administration of the WDMA Hallmark and WDMA/NFRC certification programs. WDMA staff and committee sponsor and direct the certification program, thus allowing AMS to focus on the immediate day-to-day needs of program participants. Each organization provides specific expertise thus expanding the resources available to the mutual clients of WDMA and AMS.

Advantages of AMS
AMS provides administrative and auditing services to the association sponsored product certification programs WDMA Hallmark, WDMA/NFRC, SGCC, and IGCC/IGMA. By the associations using a common service provider, this allows AMS to act as a third party administrator and provide single contact coordination to the certification programs and the program participants. 

As a recognized leader in product compliance testing and certification in the glass and fenestration industry, AMS conducts in-plant inspections of program participant’s facilities, and samples and tests certified products. AMS then provides companies with the expertise and guidance needed to sustain or achieve product certification.